Biomedical analyses are done according to the Biomedical protocol of the Autism Research Institute in San Diego. This protocol is a guideline for a journey through a labyrinth of biochemical and immunological reactions that need to be detected and explored in order to identify problems in child’s physical state.

biomedicinske pretrage

Through biological analyses we detect:

  • Problems in adverse immune system responses
  • Sensitivity to certain types of food
  • Metabolic issues in digestion of certain food types, especially gluten (wheat) and casein (milk)
  • Gut dysbiosis (pathological changes in gut flora, increased gut permeability to antigens, peptides, microbiological toxins and other biochemical substances)
  • Biochemical issues that arise from unsuccessful detoxification
  • Presence of heavy metals

By implementing the aforementioned biological methods we can help the child’s organism to obtain and maintain an optimal and stable physiological balance, which is necessary for further treatment – speech therapy, special education, psychological treatment and other.