Welcome to Dr Selakovic Clinic

Dr Selakovic Clinic is specialized in treatment of children with developmental disorders, as well as adults with intellectual or psychological disabilities.

We do early diagnostics and rehabilitation of children with different forms of developmental disorders (speech dysphasia, delayed psychomotor development, autistic disorder spectrum, hyperkinetic syndrome etc.) through speech therapy, special education and psychomotor reeducation, using elements of sensory therapy, floor time, ABA and TEACCH method in order to include all areas of functioning.

What makes our work unique is that we also use biomedical analyses and interventions alongside the aforementioned diagnostic methods and rehabilitation treatments, with an aim to help the child obtain good focus and concentration, reduce its hyperactivity, make a quality joint attention – everything that is necessary for undisturbed treatment and learning.

  • Biomedical analyses
  • Speech therapy
  • Physical education
  • Sensory therapy
  • Psychomotor reeducation
  • Music therapy

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